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Adam Du Preez

Mr du Prizzle is a South African born artist raised in New Zealand and recently returned from Amsterdam. Much to the dismay of his lecturers he stuck around for  4 years and completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design. Following this he ran his own gallery from the year 2015-16 called Back Alley Tease, showcasing young artists in his print studio/gallery in Devonport Auckland.

Worked as an exhibiting artist, curator, photographer and designer for the Devonport regions  Glow event, for Aucklands Art week from 2015-17 He worked as a curator, art working artist files, printing and framing fine art  at endemicworld during 2017.

More recently in 2018 worked as a creative director and exhibiting artist at SAI gallery in Amsterdam, part time at Garage Gallery Amsterdam, before having his first solo show: My love for her always, in Mainz Germany before returning to Auckland curating and exhibiting for the Devonport Arts Festival.

Mr du Prizzles art while currently focused on a painting style he describes as surrealist visual poetry, works in multiple forms of media including wood working, illustration lighting and screen printing. This is primarily due to his focus on art being indicative of the time period in which an artist lives, the human experience if you will, and in the age of technology when knowledge around every style and media format is readily available, it only makes sense to him that an artists practice would reflect that rather than being so brash as to say everything has already been done. Growing up in New Zealand he’s been spoilt for choice with artists ranging from Misery FLox and Otis & Dick Frizzel, Josh Lancaster and Noel Ivanhoff and Henry Simmonds and Component,  and Dagar media as well business savvy creatives like Elliot Alexander of endemicworld.

He completed his Fine arts degree at Whitecliffe college of Art and Design. Following this, ran his own gallery Back Alley Tease in Devonport Auckland from 2015 - 16. Worked as an curator, exhibiting artist, photographer and designer for the Devonport’s Glow event from 2015-17 (part of Auckland Artweek). During 2018  he worked for art gallery endemicworld as a printer curator and framer, before his inevitable departure to Amsterdam where he worked as a creative director and exhibiting artist for SAI gallery and part time for Amsterdam’s Garage Gallery . Finally having his first solo show in Mainz Germany, before arriving back in New Zealand.

Mr du Prizzle art practice, while distinct in its style, does not stick to one media. His ethos around what should inform art (the human experience of the artist) is also his reason for incorporating a variety of media. As he would put it, “If we live in the age of freedom of information and the internet, why restrict ourselves to one form of media in the creative field, especially when all the information on different styles and media and artists are there for the taking.”

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