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Lead artists:  

Bobbie Gray, Jesse Watson, Lara Thomas

Participating artists: 

Lyn-Marie, Gitanjali Bhatt, Andrew Middleton, Ashleigh Tuck, Monique Lacey, Judith Lawson, Paige Nebbeling, Kiki Hall, Skye Lovatt, Chris Bae, Daisy Nicholas, Molly Langelaan, Catherine Thomson, Rosaleen Turley

Sound artists:

Chewy Wilson, Martha Slimm (Alive Metal) 

Plastic waste feeds creativity


What others may perceive as waste, artist Bobbie Gray sees as potential. A chance experience with bioplastic gave her the idea of transforming waste plastics into a luminescent flower garden. For Artweek 2020, Comet Project Space presents Inflorescence, a collaborative light-based installation showcasing the potential of plastic as a material for making art.

plastic media.jpg

After last year’s Artweek exhibition, Lightscape, helpful volunteers unknowingly loaded bioplastic cups into the dishwasher. The result was shrunken, misshapen vase-like forms. Bobbie, being the creative visionary she is, wondered if these organic-looking and organically formed pieces of plastic could somehow be the inspiration for next year’s show…and so the idea for Inflorescence was born.

Plastic Petals.jpg

Experimenting further with the contents of her recycling bin, Bobbie realised that by applying a small amount of heat, the plastic curled into organic shapes that reminded her of the petals of flowers. She also realised that plastic waste is a democratic and community-oriented raw material. There’s plenty of it, everyone has access to it and they’re literally giving it away. For artists the cost of making work is often what prevents its creation. Choosing to work with plastic waste means that all artists can access the same, free materials.

plastic flowers.jpg

The parameters for each flower specimen is that it must be made using a plastic bottle, with the lidded end forming the base of the flower. The lids will be a point of attachment for bamboo stems and an LED to light up the flowers at night.

Plastic glowing flowers.jpg

A collaborative full-garden installation, Inflorescence provides an opportunity for more artists to show their work, but also for artists to work together strengthening the creative community. Twenty artists from Elam, Whitecliffe and AUT are working to create their own unique flower species from plastic, which will be presented together for Artweek 2020 at Comet Project Space. The show is being curated by artists Bobbie Gray, Jesse Watson and Lara Thomas, and illuminated thanks to the support of Bombay Sapphire


Lara Thomas,

Artist and Curator

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