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Enchanted Garden

A magical display of 500 fluorescent flowers. 

Pocket parks around Auckland city are transformed into an Enchanted Garden. With the mystical sound of handpans by Alive Metal reverberating as viewers wander through a field of flowers filled with vibrantly coloured, unique blooms. Visitors are able to grab a bite to eat from the food trucks, relax on the beanbags and as the sun sets, watch the flowers come to life and light up the night.

Inflorescence is a collaborative light-based installation showcasing the potential of plastic as a material for making art. Over 1,000 plastic bottles have been meticulously spliced together by a collective of artists, creating an otherworldly environment that is industrial yet natural. Each of the plastic elements are infused with the history of a previous use and place, encouraging reflection on the abundance of these castaway materials and how they impact our natural environment.

Curated by Bobbie Gray, Lara Thomas, Jesse Watson

Live handpan performances from Alive Metal

Food trucks

Scavenger hunt

Face painting

A free, zero-waste event, suitable for all ages. Wheelchair friendly. Fun for the whole family.

Photo Gallery

Check out the video here

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