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Gitanjali Bhatt

Gitanjali Bhatt is an Auckland based Artist in her final year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, New Zealand. Her emerging practice explores relationships between humans and natural environments, the impacts of technological advancements within the everyday, and the ways humans may discern the world around them through the rise of technological products. She primarily uses video to communicate ideas around this subject matter, but has also incorporated live performance, text and illustration based works into her practice. 

Gitanjali is deeply interested in the current anthropocene and the impact humans may have on the earth and other nonhuman entities. She explores ways humankind may impose certain perceptions upon things in nature – that could be considered as the ‘other,' such as flora and fauna. Creating works addressing those issues, she seeks to reconnect viewers to the natural surroundings of places humans reside within, initiating conversations and interactions between both of these, perhaps diverging, perhaps intermingling realms.

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