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Lead artists: Bobbie Gray, Lara Thomas, Jesse Watson 

Participating artists: Lyn-Marie, Gitanjali Bhatt, Andrew Middleton, Ashleigh Tuck, Monique Lacey, Judith Lawson, Paige Nebbeling,
Kiki Hall, Skye Lovatt, Chris Bae, Daisy Nicholas, Molly Langelaan, Catherine Thomson, Rosaleen Turley

A new species has emerged, a type of urban flora never seen before. 

An enchanted garden of fluorescent flowers, Inflorescence is a collaborative light-based installation showcasing the potential of plastic as a material for making art. Inflorescence demonstrates that what some see as trash, others see as treasure. 

Meticulously spliced together by a collective of artists, the slew of flora creates an otherworldly environment that is industrial yet natural. Each of the plastic elements are infused with the history of a previous use and place, encouraging reflection on the abundance of these castaway materials and how they impact our world.

The process of making Inflorescence mimics the lifecycle of flowers and plants. Waste plastic, that may otherwise be cast out into the environment, has contributed to the growth of a new generation of life forms.The delicate matrix of luminescence, manipulated plastic and electricity reinforce the flexibility, power, and preciousness of our own ecology.

Plastic is both an environmental hazard and a ubiquitous resource. Choosing to work with plastic from our recycling bins both diverted items from the waste stream and  provided a foundation for an accessible and inclusive project. Despite lockdown, artists had a readily available supply of free material to work with.

Through the contribution of the collective creative energy of 20 artists we realised our vision of an immersive installation of 500 glowing flowers. What’s more, Inflorescence became a platform for artists to join together in a time where we had to be apart.

En masse the individual works take on a power greater than themselves, the power to transform space and create a magical experience for people of all kinds.

Read about the inspiration for the show here

Watch the video here

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