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Kelly Malone

Coni Text is a text-worker. C. Text’s work has been exhibited, and performed, locally and internationally. Their most recent work, and iterations of, Reign of Contexti(RoC), uses Kelly Malone’s writing as a platform to draw on.


Invited to perform during the opening week of the 57thVenice Biennale, C. Text appeared as the Queen of Contexti, raining contexti (the shredded handwriting of Kelly Malone). The libretto, RoC, was a finalist for the biennial Leslie Scalapino Award, 2016-17.


Subsequently, C. Text, was invited to stage a performance of RoCat Thearterlab, New York, and used contextiosaics (panels of adhered contexti) to dress the set, and costumed actors in raincoats. Another iteration of RoCwas an installation of ‘a room of one’s own’ and spanned an area of 10m x 6m x 3.5m of contextiosaics, including the ceiling, at Watt Space Gallery, NSW.


C. Text’s shredded and woven handwriting is held in The Wallace Arts Trust, under their patron’s name, Kelly Malone. 

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