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Lara Thomas

Lara Thomas is a multidisciplinary artist who seeks to make a positive difference in the world as a human and an artist. Her works spans print, ceramics and sculptural installation. Her creative practise is inspired by collecting and collections; vibrant matter sourced from the local environ that usually takes the form of plants or ‘waste’. The collected specimens find their way into works, physically embedded, replicated or displayed as a set. Through the practise of collecting, the artist seeks to connect with her surroundings and to find points of exchange, ways of expressing the symbiotic relationship people have with the natural environment: as we shape our world, our world shapes us. 

Lara’s work demonstrates sensitivity towards materials, often utilising printmaking techniques as a way of archiving ephemera. Repetition and reproduction are key modes of working, but each work in a series has its own unique properties. Through her work Lara explores boundaries between 2D and 3D forms, characterised by an organic sensibility and botanical themes. Sustainability is an underlying consideration in all works and ways of working, with an emphasis on found and natural materials, recycled and recyclable.

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