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Lara Thomas


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Spring is here! And so are the Flowers.!

Originally commissioned in 2013 as the 'Lily of the Valley' in Western Park's Art in the dark. A reiteration of Lara Thomas' much loved floral installation, now weaves its way through the old fruit trees of 249 Ponsonby Road.  


Flanked by the illuminated cityscape of Auckland Central, the bright blooms peak their heads up as advocates of the natural world in a built environment. Made from recycled plastic bags, they are both delicate and robust. This will be their sixteenth installation, and Lara is proud to say they have far outlived their single-use purpose. 


Both informed and defined by light and colour, the city and the flowers are shaped and contoured by one another. The city, made wholesome by the parks and gardens in which this work takes refuge. And the flowers, artificial in their existence, are brought to life by the cities current. 


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