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Louise Keen

Born in Auckland, Louise Keen is an emerging visual artist living and working in Auckland,New Zealand. Graduated from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, 2013.


Being the mother of two children and a grandparent, Louise is concerned with the impact consumption is having on the environment at a global level and what she can do to pass on a planet that is sustainable. Louise’s earlier career was in fashion production and design.


Louise has exhibited in the USA, Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand. Driven by her interest in sustainable living practices, Louise repurposed materials often considered as ‘junk’ or ‘cheap’ in her paintings. Her work aims to highlight the impact of the climate crisis and the wastefulness of a consumerist society whereby large volumes of single use plastics are produced and then discarded ending up in our oceans, killing wildlife and sea life.

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