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Lucy Gill

Drawing from an initial interest in a semiotic language Lucy's practice uses shapes, symbols, and gesture to depict expression, and has developed an aesthetic vocabulary to convey the visual structure and untouchable nature of a thought process. Through combining the use of digital and traditional painting methods, the practice considers how the balance of form and a layering of gesture can engage with the ephemeral and transitory nature of personal thought. 


With an ambiguity of form, a conversation can emerge between a digital and analogue space. There is an immersive and elusive way in which we can become lost in our minds, and in an attempt to gain a clearer understanding of a thought process, Lucy's practice considers this in a visual plane; selecting colours and shapes for certain waves of emotion or moods, seeing the glimpse of an optimistic colour in a moment of spontaneity, and the tension between two symbols as they push and pull for attention. There is a femininity in the work, a softness to the colour, curves, and lines of forms; the diagrammatic shapes offer a chance for immersion and inclusion, hovering in a space between perception and introspection with hope for a fluidity in expression between the inner and outer mind.

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