Makers Market

Aiko Cherub (Music)

Alicia Taylor (Coffee)

Anna-Maria Bribiesca / Arte Mexica 

Akim Heinicke Wangle Jewellery

Ashley Candir / Wild Child

Awhina Black (Clothing)

Bobbie Gray / Armour & Veil

Claire Delayney (Artist)

Dana Katherine (Artist)

Hannah Melville Ceramics

Isabell Sill (Clothing)

Jacinda Taylor Prints

Jack Muir Head (Music)

Jackson Lester / Round Buddah Merchandise

Jean Tidy / Joyful Expressions

Jessica Dew / Screaming Jewellery

Julia Marin Jewellery

Karen Sewell (Artist)

Katy Metcalf cards

Mike Crump / Skadeez

Neil Smith / Olives on the Hill

Robyn Maggs /Living Brew

Tess Barnett (Clothing) 

Yasmina Gillies ceramics 

about us

Comet is an independent pop-up gallery space
and collaborative studio for transmedia art
and interactive formats of art making.

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