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Rebecca Hazard

Auckland based artist, Rebecca Hazard, primarily works between oil paints and mixed media sculptural works. Wishing to offer philosophical reflection, Rebecca consistently references raw meat throughout her works in order to reanalyse our tangibility within existence and believed need for the constant reminder of death as a means of motivation and meditation. Often accompanying painted meat alongside or upon found object, dead insects or in abstract grey space, Rebecca explores relationships and how we exercise our own will on the raw material of life.

Rebecca attended the ‘Rome Art’s Program’ in the summer of 2017, in 2018 she was a finalist in the NZ Contemporary Arts Awards and the 2018 Wallace Arts Awards.

Rebecca Hazard Statement

Exploiting our resources to decorate our lives in extravagance and comfort, we often forget the majesty of nature and the essence of the animal being in which we are. Offering philosophical reflection and forced to reconsider meat beyond its surface perception as it flickers through grey space, it becomes a thing in the inevitable of life and death much like ourselves.

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