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Roma Anderson


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Skylight is the manifestation of light, abstracted and separated into three spectrums of understanding - the past, present, and future of the Tamaki river. The processing of the analogue imagery entails, and therefore speaks to, a greater entropy. Digital decay parallels the environmental and colonial decay caused by the violence that has historically plagued this river and its surrounds.


The shifting images act as portals to the soul of the river. Writhing across the screens, which act as frameworks to restrain the river within history, or as boundaries to be broken and eclipsed by the rivers agency, vitality, and power.


Andersons own perspective is integral to this work, having grown up and resided at several different points along the waterway, she has become a conduit for the agency of this environment. Her deconstruction of how the Tamaki River is framed and valued, both aesthetically and politically, is an active protest of the marginalisation of New Zealand's waterways.

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