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Ruby Esther

Ruby is a poet and a comedian, who's desperately hoping to use both of these ‘struggling artist’ jobs to drop out of university as soon as possible. In 2018 she became one of the top 5 slam poets in NZ, and any time anyone appreciates anything about her poetry, she is so very pleasantly surprised. Ruby has always been remarkably shy, but for some reason getting up on stage and performing a poem or a stand up routine does not phase her. In her work, she likes to look at issues from a new perspective, as she believes her youth offers fresh ideas and otherwise unthought of angles. She dose not believe she has a particular style, but she does take a lot of inspiration from the stream of consciousness-esque elements of James Joyce, and the imagination of Janet Frame. Ruby is relatively new to publicly sharing her work, but likes that it is not just about sharing what you can do, but connecting to others. She likes to articulate subjects that are hard to do so, but it's the possibility of connection that most excites her when she writes something new.

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