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Salon Des Refuses

Artists: Anna Parry, Charli de Koning, Dana Katherine, Isabella Young, Jane Zimmerman, Janine Blackburn, Karen Sewell, Karenna Mollard, Katrina Iosia, Lara Thomas, Mark Whippy, Matt Dowman, Natasha Wong, Rebecca Hazard, Shelley Ashford, Tabitha Cornelia. 

In 1863, artists rejected by the Paris Salon protested so fervently to their dismissal that Emperor Napoleon III commissioned a new Salon to be opened - the Salon des Refusés. The new Salon’s success was because the public could view it and judge for themselves the merits of the artwork. This opened the doors for other Salon des Refusés to follow suit and continue into the modern age. Salon des Refuses are now held all over the world vibrating off the original idea,  as a way for artists who missed out on opportunities to show their art.


As artists it can be hard to have your artwork rejected, that is why Comet Project Space has decided to jump on the figurative bandwagon and hold a Salon des Refusés. Artists who had been turned away elsewhere were proudly displayed in Comet’s pop up gallery.

Review by Aviva Van Den Heever. 

Facilitated by Dana Katherine & Bobbie Gray

Photos by Pip Stephens

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