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Sarah Walker-Holt

Sarah Walker-Holt graduated from Auckland University where she studied the Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) programme at MSVA (Manukau School of Visual Arts). 

Sarah predominantly focused throughout her study on contemporary jewellery and object where she established a strong focus on the interactive qualities of material culture, while she simultaneously became very fluent with creating objects that attained a very worn and used aesthetic, allowing her to play with the two dimensionality of surface. As a collector and someone who has throughout her life made the most of what is in her immediate environment, Sarah's practice has grown into one that is very true to herself and helped her to understand why she does what she does. She has considered her past and continued to pull on traditional craft techniques in both textiles and wood, passed down to her by family, while positioning her work within the context of contemporary jewellery by learning, adapting and encompassing its techniques and history. 

Sarah is dedicated to continuing and developing her practice where she is currently expanding on her studio in the rural community of Kawakawa Bay south-east of Auckland. Concurrently this blog is intended to expose and communicate with a wider audience as well as her peers, while documenting her progression as a contemporary jeweller and object maker.

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