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Sena Park

Sena Park is a Korean-born multi-disciplinary NZ artist. Her practice is progressed by responding to each of gestures, reaction, and materials. She attempts to derive a dynamic conversation through various methods of artistic expression. Recently, she has traveled to many countries for short periods and started to concern about newly created culture and diluted culture by cross culture with limited understanding by little knowledge. For visual elements, she gets inspired by colours and shapes of the surrounding environment such as housing, buildings, and structures.


Some of her recent projects include:  Who are we now?, 5th Land Art Mongolia 360o Biennale, Murun Sum & Mongolian Modern Art Gallery ,Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA (2018), Fragments, fascinated by(solo), Corner Window Gallery, Auckland, NZ (2018), Re_journey to raw (solo), Savoie de Lacy, Dunedin, NZ (2016); #Update, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Auckland, NZ (2018)


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