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Tabitha Cornelia

Tabitha Cornelia is an artist born in Grootfontein, Namibia, Africa who currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. Her works seeks to highlight how painting can be used as a means of addressing how images can be filtered, manipulated and reconfigured to talk about place, space and identity.


Combining elements of pattern, and objects from her life in Namibia and in New Zealand, she constructs temporary hybrid environments to photograph. Translating these photographs into paintings, which are further layered with additional imagery from family videos, creates an abundance of overloaded imagery. Though chaotic at first glance, these images are a combination of multiple layers that are both logical and sequential but also disorderly and intuitively reworked in order to compose the optically challenging space that she is after.


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