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Teresa HR Lane

Teresa's art practice is about making sense of information with mixed media collage, and over the last few years she has collected information from the internet, photography, printed matter, in particular magazines and books, all from which she makes art and myth. As her collection of images builds and her understanding of the patterns of information forms, Teresa finds myself manipulating how imagery can be interpreted by constructing stories inspired from what is found. What she likes, is what people gift her. The random and the unknown that turns up in her studio, often directs the path of each individual artwork. 

This examination is a dissection and reconstruction of material , inspired by the immediate, and the everyday proliferation of information. Collage as a medium provides fertile material building this imagined terrain. Teresa likens it to painting with paper, and drawing with scissors. Dada and Surrealism play a significant part of her thinking, where she is interested in both the absurdity and humour of representation, but also the process of deconstructing the perceived rational and reconstructing possible alternatives. Collage is the perfect medium, by the nature of its diverse and ambiguous source material.

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