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Vanessa Fong

Vanessa Fong is an Auckland based artist working with found and discarded everyday materials. Her practice explores the material traces found in urban and domestic environments looking at how objects can be hoarded, stacked and put aside when they are no longer in use. Her interest in working with existing objects is driven by a desire to create new experiences that are familiar yet challenge our perception of the everyday.

Fong works in a variety of mediums that often explore the material surroundings in her daily life. Her sculptural materials are an accumulation

of what she comes across during routine activities such as walking to work or running errands. Her most recent sculptural works dive into the world of plastic through the transformation of packaging materials. Fong creates works that explore her ambivalent relationship with this material and the ability to mimic the translucent layering qualities in painting.


Fong has received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2015) from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.

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