Wendy Leach


Movement - The combined qualities of light and movement are an exciting combination to be explored. While light itself is transient and temporary, the qualities of light can be used in a painterly manner and recorded photographically. realised here as sweeping lines, circles, dashes, and flicks - assists in evoking the notion of absence/presence. Bodies appear, silhouetted and layered more than once within the space. The shape can be seen as the presence of the figure, but also can seem to be negative space, therefore suggesting absence. This presence/absence, visible/invisible duality is integral to the work.

So too is Wendy’s interest in the practice of painting and mark-making. The lines are the trace of her mark, indicating the presence of the artist, moving throughout the work. Made with a range of coloured lights in a completely darkened space, these light paintings allowed her to freely move around in an uninhibited way; like dancing in the dark.

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Comet is an independent pop-up gallery space
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