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About Us

Welcome to the evolution of Comet Project Space! What began as an artist-run gallery founded by Bobbie Gray in 2017 has now transformed into a dynamic artist collaboration between Bobbie and participating artist Lara Thomas. Together, we are proudly carrying forward the legacy of fostering artistic dialogue and community engagement that Comet Project Space was known for.

Fuelled by a shared passion for reimagining urban spaces through immersive light installations, the heart of our collaborative endeavour lies the belief in the power of art to transform spaces and perceptions. We specialise in crafting mesmerising light installations that transport viewers into enchanting realms. With every project, we seek to reconnect communities with the beauty of the natural world.

What sets Comet Collab apart is our commitment to sustainable artistry. Our installations are masterfully constructed from repurposed materials, primarily single-use plastic bottles. These materials, once discarded, are meticulously assembled into stunning works of art. Each plastic element carries with it a unique history, inviting reflection on the environmental impact of waste materials. By choosing to work with these reclaimed resources, we not only divert them from the waste stream but also champion the cause of sustainability.

Our work is a celebration of boundless creativity, ingenuity, and the enduring power of collaboration. Beyond their artistic value, our light installations serve as a testament to sustainable art. They challenge preconceived notions about discarded materials while offering durable, high-quality artworks that can be displayed repeatedly, spreading their message of creativity, community, and sustainability far and wide.

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Our Team

Bobbie Gray in studio - circle.png

Bobbie Gray, an Auckland-based artist from New Zealand, explores various artistic mediums, including sculpture, moving image, painting, installation, and curation. Graduating from Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design in 2017, Bobbie's journey focuses on sustainability and environmental consciousness.


Bobbie's art has made waves globally, with installations in historic Coventry Cathedral (UK) and The Medina of Tunis (Tunisia). "Digital Garden" projected onto Coventry Cathedral's walls, and "Resident Alien" was featured in the touring exhibition "Windows 98" in Iran.


Bobbie Gray's artistic practice showcases a dedication to sustainability, community engagement, and transcultural exploration, captivating audiences worldwide. Her work serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of creativity and our vital connection with the environment.

Bobbie Gray, the visionary founder of Comet Project Space in 2017, embarked on a mission to cultivate creative connections and ignite community engagement. As the curator of this dynamic pop-up gallery, Bobbie passionately fostered artistic dialogue and collaborative endeavours. Today, Comet Collab carries forward this legacy, utilising light installations as the foundation for engaging the community in transformative experiences.


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Lara Thomas is an Auckland-based artist, curator and educator who enjoys spending time looking at and appreciating the small things in life. Her aim in life is to make a positive difference through creativity.


Lara describes herself as a multi-disciplinary environmental artist. Her work is inspired by the relationship between environments and their inhabitants, and the ways in which we are simultaneously shaped by one another. Through her work Lara aims to encourage viewers to connect with their environment, to see it from a different perspective and to reconsider their own relationship to it.

Lara's practice spans print, ceramics and sculptural installation. Her work involves connecting with places through collecting, and working with found natural and waste materials. Areas of research include: collections and archives; environmental philosophy; Eastern philosophy; spiritual teachings; and the healing power of nature. Sustainability is a key theme and guiding principle in the way her artworks are conceptualised and created.


Lara has actively exhibited in Auckland and around the North Island at galleries, events and festivals since 2013. She graduated with a BFA (Hons) from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2017.

During our time at Comet Project Space, we've been honoured to collaborate with a multitude of exceptionally talented creatives. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who entrusted us with their artistic vision, shared their extraordinary talents with us and our community, and to everyone who came to support these endeavours. Your contributions have enriched our journey, and we look forward to following your creative ventures, with the sincere hope that our paths will cross again in the future.

Adam Du Preez

Aiwa Pooamorn

Akiko Diegel

Alive Metal Handpan

Aleisha Crocker

Andrew Middleton

Aneizska Banks

Anna Parry

Arwen Flowers

Ashleigh Tuck

Burn the Bridges

Caitlin Smart

Catherine Thomson

Charli De Koning

Chippy Draws

Chris Bae

Clara Wells

Daisy Nicholas

Dana Katherine

Dance Plant Collective

Daniel Goodwin

Daryl Chin

Deborah Moss

Divyaa Kumar

Ed Aretino

Ekaterina Dimieva

Ella Ranft

Emma Paton

Ethan Coombridge

Felix Liang

Gemishka Chetty

Georgia Arnold

Gitanjali Bhatt

Grace Bader

Hannah Potbury

Himali Mc Innes

Isabella Young

Isobel Gledhill

Jaimee Lee
Jaime Trower

James Gibson

Jane Zimmermann

Janine Blackburn

Jesse Watson

Jessica Philbrick

Judith Lawson

Karen Sewell

Karenna Mollard

Karin Barr

Katrina Iosia Sipeli

Keith the Band

Kelly Malone

Ken Khun

Kiki Hall

Klae Brown

Lambert Laluz

Laura Jer

Leigh Munroe

Libby Morrison

Lily Jackson

Lily Worell

Lisa Rudden

Louise Keen

Lucy Gill


Mark Whippy

Matt Dowman

Melanie Arnold

Molly Langelaan

Molly Timmins

Monique Lacey

Natasha Wong

Nathan Joe

Paige Nebbeling

Paula Friis

Pip Stevens

Rebecca Hazard

Roma Anderson

Rosaleen Turley

Rose Meyer

Rose Northey

Round Buddah

Ruby Esther

Ruth McKenna

Ryhs Collier

Sarah Wlker-Holt

Sena Park

Shannon Mae Reid

Shelley Ashford

Sheree Stone

Skye Lovatt

Smanatha Western

Sue Paterson

Tabitha Cornelia

Teresa HR Lane

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