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Artefacts of the Future


Lara Thomas


Artefacts of the Future for ‘Plastic Island’ presents a thought-provoking exploration of the defining feature of our current era: plastic waste. Part of a climate change awareness program, this project draws inspiration from the traditions of biological specimens and museum displays to showcase a curated selection of items that will symbolise our time on Earth. The legacy of mass production and consumer culture manifests as a plastic stratum in our environment.

Complementing ‘Artefacts of the Future,’ ‘Recent Species’ delves deeper into the pervasive plastic packaging,
saturating our planet, especially in the age of online
shopping. Different ‘species’ of pollution are displayed in a manner that invites viewers to perceive them as novel forms of biological specimens. Through this, viewers are
confronted with the undeniable reality of our plastic legacy, encouraging reflection on the consequences of consumer choices.


Plastic Island, Revelry Bar, Auckland, 2018
Lightscape, Comet Project Space, Auckland Art Week, 2019

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