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Lily of the Valley


Lara Thomas


This light installation, consisting of 500 glowing flowers crafted from natural and recyclable materials like plastic bags, tape, bamboo, and garden wire, adorned with 12V slow change RGB LEDs, has been exhibited nearly 20 times in various locations and iterations. By merging organic and synthetic elements, it challenges conventional beauty and encourages reflection on our responsibility towards sustainable living and the coexistence of natural and artificial realms.

Through this project, which has been exhibition over 20 times in different locations in various iterations, the aim is to inspire a deeper connection to nature and a commitment to sustainable choices, demonstrating that art can be a catalyst for positive change in our relationship with the world around us.


Commissioned by Art in the Dark, Western Park, 2013
The Midnight Garden, Shipwrecked Festival, Te Arai, 2017

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