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Wisteria Lane


Bobbie Gray


Inspired by Wisteria, often described as a breathtaking yet assertive vine capable of seizing beauty, “Wisteria Lane” is a suspended installation that continues to grow, enchanting a central city lane with cascades of fluorescent flowers in vivid shades of purple-violet. This captivating transformation brings the natural world to the forefront of the urban environment.

The process behind “Wisteria Lane” mirrors the
lifecycle of flowers and plants. Utilising over 10,000 recycled plastic bottles, which might otherwise have ended up in the environment, this creation has nurtured a new generation of life forms, perpetuating its growth and impact.


Changing Lanes - Artweek Auckland Oct 2021
Heart of Auckland City - April 2022
After Dark Urban Light Festival - Tauranga - May 2022
Light Up Ponsonby - June 2022
Light Up Whakatane - August 2022

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